STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Initiative

“The term is typically used in the USA when addressing education policy and curriculum choices in schools from K-12 through college to improve competitiveness in technology development.”

STEM and Our Musicals

Ben Franklin and Me

A portion of this musical deals with the process of inventing and the scientific work that was so much a part of Ben Franklin’s life. In an early scene Ben and Amos establish the need for a more efficient method of heating a room, design a prototype and build the Franklin Stove right before the students’ eyes. There is also a focus on Ben’s experiments with electricity and lightening.

By The Numbers

Albert Einstein succeeds in convincing young Eddie Einstein (a distant relative) that mathematics will play an important part in everything he wants to do when he grows up. The music of Mozart is an integral part of the production. The mathematical nature of his music enhances the audiences’ exploration of this fascinating subject.

Edison: The Wizard of Menlo Park

Students participate in the invention of the phonograph, light bulb and the electric circuit. This musical deals with the scientific method as well as the perseverance and determination needed to achieve success in the STEM fields.

The Wright Brothers

A major theme running throughout this musical is the process involved in scientific studies – Idea, Plan Execution. The Wright brothers take students on a journey through their lives as they make improvements on a sled, bicycle and kite. These early observations and discoveries form the basis for their experiments in aviation. The climax of the show comes as the Wright brothers build the very first airplane and take the audience along on their historic first flight.