The Wright Brothers

STEM takes to the skies. FINAL CHANCE for your students to soar with Wilbur & Orville

Word of Mouth

“A jaw-dropping theatrical experience our students will remember for years.”
“Endless opportunities for curriculum integration.”
— 4th Grade Teacher, School District 69, Skokie, IL
“As a principal and a parent, I truly appreciate what you have to offer.”
— Principal, School District 39, Wilmette, IL
“Look no further, this is a perfect program. ”
— Cultural Arts Chairman, School District 59, Arlington Hts, IL
“My son saw your musical THE WRIGHT STUFF this past November and now he wants to be a pilot.”
“Excellent production!”
“Students’ imaginations take flight!”
“THE WRIGHT BROTHERS is ‘the best of the best’.”
“Endless opportunities for curriculum integration.”
“A jaw-dropping theatrical experience our students will remember for years.”
“The students were captivated.”

Having lost their way on a cross country flight Wilbur and Orville Wright make an emergency landing at your school. As a matter of introducing themselves to the audience, the brothers decide to reenact the story of their great accomplishment. They demonstrate their childhood experiments making improvements on a sled, their bicycle and a kite. The story then turns to their fascination with manned flight. The excitement peaks as the brothers construct the Wright Flyer onstage and recreate their historic twelve second flight.

  • STEM - Show the impetus for and strategies behind inventions and experiments
  • CHARACTER COUNTS - Responsibility; Respect; Fairness
    • Science
    • Math
    • Fine Arts
    • Social/Emotional
  • PBIS - Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports
  • Establish work/study/research skills
  • Foster an understanding of the process of inventing
  • Cultivate personal perseverance
  • Biography (The Wright Brothers, Da Vinci, Neil Armstrong, John Glenn, John F Kennedy)
  • Methods of Transportation
  • Inventions (in conjunction with Science Fair/Invention Convention)
  • History of flight from early mythology through current NASA programs
  • Science of flight from birds to the space station