Honest Abe: A Character You Can Count On

Your last chance to see Abe - Honeset! Performances end June 2019

Word of Mouth

“I never worry when we book you guys - as we know it fits anyone's and everyone's criteria for great shows.”
— Specials Teachers, School District 34, Glenview, IL
“Never have we heard the unanimous praise of our teachers for an assembly until now.”
— Cultural Arts Chairperson, School District 204, Naperville, IL
“That was the best play ever!”
— 5th Grade Student, Private School, Ada, MI
“A great avenue to teach Character Counts! values.”
— Principal, School 59, Arlington Heights, IL
“That was fabulous.”
“They had students mezmorized.”
“One of the best "Character Counts/PBIS" programs we have ever had.”
“HONEST ABE exceeded our very high expectations.”
“A great avenue to teach Character Counts values.”
“My students were enthralled with this show.”
“What a brilliantly theatrical way to bring the concepts of CHARACTER COUNTS and PBIS to life.”

Our melodrama Honest Abe presents a hero—Abraham Lincoln, of course—and a villain—Crudley Doowrong. In each stage of Lincoln’s life, Crudley hurls adversity and ethical challenges, forcing our hero to face hardships, moral dilemmas and temptations. With the help of the audience, Lincoln must decide if he will uphold his positive character traits, or succumb to an easier, more self-serving approach. Will Lincoln’s trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship save the day?

  • CHARACTER COUNTS -Citizenship; Trustworthiness; Fairness; Respect; Responsibility; Caring
  • PBIS - Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports
    • English/Language Arts
    • Fine Arts
    • Social/Emotional Learning Standards
  • Support and enhance curriculum in social studies
  • Analyze factors in making ethical decisions
  • Cultivate personal self-esteem and self confidence


  • Presidents Day/Lincoln’s Birthday celebrations
  • Biography - Abraham Lincoln’s many contributions to the United States
  • Civil Rights movement
  • Democracy and the role of the President
  • America’s westward expansion; pioneer life on the prairie
  • Local and state contributions to the development of the United States