The George Washington Follies

Last chance to visit with our first President: George retires to Mt. Vernon in June 2019

Word of Mouth

“... an experience that encompassed music, theater, history and values all in one program..”
— Cultural Arts Chairperson, School District 203, Naperville, IL
“Your annual visits to us have truly become an integral part of our culture.”
— Principal, School District 15, Palatine, IL
“Thank-you for giving my students the credit they deserve by presenting this entertaining and challenging show. They now have a chance to reach further and higher with the help of George, Charlemagne, Cleopatra and Confucius.”
— Principal, School District 39, Wilmette, IL
“Your presentation is a delight, both visually and vocally with enough audience participation to keep even the youngest hanging around to see what is going to happen next. The teachers had nothing but praise.”
— Cultural Arts Chairman, School District 26, Mt. Prospect, IL
“You have brought another ‘wonderful’ show to our students.”
“The children and faculty loved your performance.”
“You have brought another ‘wonderful’ show to our students.”
“Both students and teachers were enthralled.”
“My students have never been so focused and engaged, including the primary level classes.”

It is April 30th, 1789, inauguration day for the first President of the United States, George Washington.  He is both nervous and exhausted having been up all night worrying about this new position of leadership. He begins to dose off. In this dream state, he is visited by King Charlemagne, Cleopatra and Confucius. Each of these characters shares their leadership qualities and philosophies with George. With the help of these leaders, George is able to better understand how to lead a nation of the people, by the people and for the people.

  • CHARACTER COUNTS - Citizenship; Trustworthiness; Fairness    
    • English/Language Arts
    • Fine Arts
    • Social/Emotional Learning Standards
  • PBIS - Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports
  • Encourage creative and imagination skills
  • Strengthen an appreciation for teachers and the influential role they play
  • Foster a greater understanding of cultural differences


  • Community studies (the roles individuals, families, towns, states, countries play in a  global community)
  • Biography (Washington, Charlemagne, Cleopatra, Confucius)
  • Methods and styles of government
  • Democracy and the role of the President
  • World cultures (European, Egyptian, Asian)