Ben Franklin & Me

Declare your Independence one last time! Ben Franklin retires in June of 2019

Word of Mouth

“Of all the programs we have, yours is the only one where students are so captivated they sit there paying 100 percent attention.”
— Cultural Arts Chairperson, School District 59, Arlington Hts., IL
“Your annual visits to us have truly become an integral part of our culture.”
— Principal, Private School, Ada, MI
“... an experience that encompassed music, theater, history and values all in one program.”
— Cultural Arts Chairperson, School District 102, LaGrange, IL
“...the best program we’ve ever had! --- and we’ve had some good ones!”
— Library/Media Center Director, School District 7, Wood Dale, IL
“An excellent production.”
“The quality of this musical is equal to that of field trip to a downtown show.”
“... this production was a perfect fit for our curriculum.”
“A truly delightful performance”
“I have never seen our students so enthralled!”

Amos the mouse relates his overlooked partnership with Ben Franklin. After discovering how each can benefit from the other, Ben convinces Amos to put their partnership in writing. After all, “the pen is mightier than the sword.” As a result, Amos becomes instrumental in Ben’s many inventions and discoveries. But when Ben makes Amos a “guinea mouse” during his electricity experiments, Amos revolts. Soon after, Ben and the other colonists are also revolting against British rule. With the tables turned, Amos reminds Ben that “the pen is mightier than the sword,” and inspires him to help write the Declaration of Independence.


  • STEM - Show the impetus for and strategies behind inventions and experiments
  • CHARACTER COUNTS -Citizenship; Fairness; Respect; Responsibility
    • Science
    • English/Language Arts
    • Fine Arts
    • Social/Emotional
  • Show the power of the written word in avoiding confrontations & ending disputes
  • Foster an understanding of the role each citizen plays in their country
  • Biography (Franklin’s many contributions to science and the United States
  • Almanacs and their contribution of wit, wisdom and essential information
  • Scientific studies of lightning and electricity
  • Inventions, such as the Franklin stove, the rocking chair and the lightning rod
  • The Revolutionary War and the Declaration of Independence