Frequently Asked Questions

Call our office, 773-631-2013, and explain the situation. If you are having trouble getting the deposit check, go ahead and sign the contract and return it to our office with a note attached explaining when the deposit check will be sent.

Given our extensive sets and props we only travel with one show per day.


Yes, there is an additional charge since we will be at the school for a longer period of time. This is listed on our fees page as a “Split Double Performance.” Please note that we will need to be in an area where our sets and equipment can remain in place over the lunch hour. If anything needs to be moved or taken apart there may be additional charges.

Our stated fees are all-inclusive with no additional charges for performances within the 312, 847, 630, 773 and 708 area codes where no admission is charged.

This means that our second performance at your school is scheduled to begin within 1/2 hour of the end of the first performance. If the school requires a longer break between performances additional fees may apply.

While audience participation sections may change subtly in tone for different ages, all of our shows are developed with the entire elementary grade range in mind (K-6). There is a high level of visual content and music for younger students while the lyric and script content appeals to the older students. If you are having two performances it is not necessary to separate younger and older students. Schedule classrooms to attend performances which work best for the school.

Our 29 years of experience with in-school performances has proven that these numbers offer the students and staff the best possible performance experience. In an audience of 300 every student can feel actively engaged in our performance as opposed to a passive observer in the last row of the gym or multi-purpose room. Audience size is similar to classroom size. Would you want your child to be in a classroom of 20 students or 35 students?

There are a number of reasons for the cost of our shows.

A) We bring professionally designed sets and costumes, along with a state of the art sound system with wireless microphones for the actors. It takes us one and a half hours to set up before the performance and one hour to pack up afterward.

B) Our shows are developed by artistic and educational professionals. You only see two performers onstage but the script, music and lyrics they perform had to be written and arranged. The show needed a director and choreographer to stage the performance in an engaging manner. 

C) Detailed study guides are developed by education professionals.

With all these people and resources involved perhaps you can better understand our pricing structure.

No, a majority of our performances are done in gyms or multi-purpose rooms without a raised stage. Being on the same level as the students facilitates the audience participation sections for many of our shows. If you have a stage and would prefer to have us perform there we will make every effort to do so. Given the space requirements for our sets and sound system this may not be possible.