Writing Royally

Word of Mouth

“A perfect fit with our Common Core Standards.”
— Cultural Arts Chairperson, School District 203, Naperville, IL
“Our students were so inspired they could not wait to get back to their classrooms to start their writing projects.”
— Principal, School District 4, Addison, IL
“Wow! What a magical treat you have prepared for us.”
— 3rd Grade Teacher, School District 30, Northbrook, IL
“Bewitching stuff!”
“You have cast a spell over the writing process.”
“Great job!”
“Your performance helped my students make an important connection to what we do in the classroom in a way I can only hope to achieve.”

Our tale begins just after young Arthur has pulled the sword from the stone and is ready to be crowned king. As such, Arthur must write new laws of the land (expository), settle a dispute about the kingdom's seal (persuasive), and craft the Royal Stories (narrative).

Terrified that he will fail at his first royal duties, Arthur turns to his teacher and mentor for help. Merlin sends him on a quest to find the Crystal Horn for focus, the Tail Feathers of the Profuse Peacock for elaboration and support, and the Methodical Map of Makesense for organization. Equipped with these magical items and the knowledge that each represents, Arthur successfully begins his reign with the motto: "The pen is mightier than the sword in the stone."

  • ILLINOIS LEARNING STANDARDS for English/Language Arts
    • Addresses 20 College & Career Readiness Skills
    • Addresses 138 Grade level standards for grades K thru 6th
  • Establish work/study/research skills
  • Foster an understanding of the process of writing
  • Cultivate personal perseverance
  • Explore the three styles of writing: Expository, Persuasive, and Narrative
  • Clarify three of the requirements for these styles of writing:
    • Focus, Support/Elaboration, and Organization
    • Relate the craft of writing to its various applications and benefits
    • Involve both right- and left-brain resources in the writing process


  • Preparation for PARCC test in language-arts
  • Creative writing projects both fiction and non-fiction
  • Study of the Arthurian legends, medieval times and mythology
  • Media Center/Library time to develop research skills